About Chinese and Burmese Jade Jewelry

Burmese Jade Jewelry

The Chinese call Jade "The Stone Of Heaven". They have treasured Jade beyond any other stone. The Chinese have centered their culture around Jade. Since Jade is a very hard stone (6.0-7.5) they found that it was good for making tools like ax heads and other hammering and cutting tools, since the only other choices were rocks and wood (metals were unknown at this time).

Jade, or Jadeite, to be precise, has long been revered by Asians as the symbol of good luck, good health, happiness, longevity, peace, wealth and power to resist evil spirits.

The Chinese are the world’s greatest Jade carvers, and have been for the past 4000 years. They are the most skilled of all the peoples on the Asian continent. They cut and carve this stone today for the world's markets. Jade from Burma (Burmese Jade) is often brought into China to be carved and sold there. Besides Chinese Jade (Jadeite) , Burmese Jade (Jadeite) has been carved in China for many, many years. The best quality Jade (Jadeite) is from Northern China and Burma (Burmese Jade).

True Jadeite is found in Burma (Burmese jade), China, Guatemala, Russia, Japan, Hawaii, and Switzerland. The Jadeite is then cut and carved in many of the Asian countries like Burma, Thailand, and China and then sold. Jadeite from Burma (Burmese Jade) was not introduced into the Chinese market before the late 1800’s Jadeite occurs in many different colors (greens, lavenders, yellows and oranges, white and reds and comes in many different translucent qualities. That is why we travel to the Orient ourselves and hand select the Jadeite Jade that we have designed and made into our own jewelry. This way only the very best Jadeite Jade will be selected and used in our Jade jewelry.

Jadeite is very hard, durable and resistant to most chemicals. Caring for this stone is safe and simple. Soap and water will clean it nicely.


The most important factors in determining the value of Jadeite is the color and transparency.

Color - From rich brilliant greens to deep lavender, these are the colors that demand the highest prices.

The more light that shines through the stone, the better the quality.

Here at orientaljadejewelry.com, we have devoted years to the Jade jewelry Business exclusively. We are not like other companies that order their jewelry from wholesale catalogs from China for their business. We personally travel to the Orient (Burma, Thailand, and China) and hand select the Jadeite that will be used in our products. We work very close with our factories in these countries to produce our own original designs along with the new and the classic oriental designs. When the products are completed by our Asian factories, they are shipped to us in the United States ready for sale to our customers.

You will buy with confidence knowing that you are buying from a well established company that has been in the Jade business for many years. We know Jade, and do our own buying (no middleman), and sell directly to our customers.

All this allows us to sell to our customers fine quality Jade (Jadeite) at the lowest possible prices on our online store.

We sell only fine quality, Jade (Jadeite).

What Does the Jade Stone Stand For? Jade is believed to represent a variety of spiritual attributes. In Chinese history, jade was a very important element and thought of as the ultimate gemstone. Just like how diamonds and gold were considered of the highest value in the west, jade was regarded with special significance in the east. The Chinese term for jade is “yu,” which is frequently used in giving children names. The word “yu” that stands for jade is also a term that is spoken to describe things or people that are beautiful.

Explained Meanings and Symbols
Noble – Jade was a valuable stone of high worth by the nobles and Shank kings of China.
Compassion – Jade often signifies creativity, encouragement and gives the ability to dream-solve.
Goodness – The stone has been thought to repel negativity.
Preciousness – Considered as an item of high value, jade symbolizes extreme importance.
Beauty – Because jade is attractive in appearance, it represents the beauty of other people or things
Courage – Since jade offers spiritual protection, it has been regarded as giving one bravery.
Wisdom – Many ancient cultures believed that jade allowed an entrance into the spiritual world, which gave people knowledgeable insight.
Sound – When Jade is struck, it makes a sound that is believed to symbolize music.
Justice – The angles and cuts of a jade stone symbolize fairness.
Healing – Some say that the stone can offer healing powers.
Protection – It is believed that the gemstone provides protection for those who own it.
Purity – The brilliance of polished jade represents purity.